Have you ever woken up in the morning and wanted to look more rigid?

Well now you can! Last uear we were provided with a link to a site so we could 'paperfy' John's face into a mask.
This was during the time that people were discussing how the NSA was using facial recognition. So what if we all became John McAfee?

Now You Too Can Be John McAfee

Assembly Instructions [www.instructables.com]

Printable Images [One Zip File]

Raw PSD files [One Zip File]


John's Signature Hairstyle

John's hairstyle has changed often over the last year. He once cut it very close to his head and dyed it dark black.

His signature style is what Josh Davis called "like a cheetah".
The haircut is simply a short all over look about mid ear. He tousles it, sometimes using product so it will stay better.
The "Cheetah" look is accomplished by using Hydrogen Peroxide, straight out of the bottle and daubing it on all over.
Sometimes long exposure ro the sun makes it a little lighter looking.


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